Late Night Snacks... Don't Sabotage Your Weight Loss!

Egg and Avocado on Grilled Whole Grain Bread

Mindless snacking is a dieter's worst nightmare. Unfortunately, nighttime is when this problem is most likely to occur. It's much easier to follow your weight loss plan during the day when most people's schedules are confined to school and work. Nighttime is different however. It involves much more idle, leisure time, and greater chances of you slipping from a healthy eating plan to easy-to-grab, convenience foods. Luckily, you can set yourself up for weight loss success by creating a nighttime routine that include healthy snacking. 

When you're famished...

Instead of pulling up at a 24-hour drive-thru, visit your kitchen for weight loss-friendly meal. Grab any random veggies you have in your fridge. Chop them up and add eggs for a delicious omelet. Or, sauté them, season, and add leftover chicken for a hearty stir-fry.

When you're craving something salty...

Popcorn is a relatively low-calorie snack than be great if consumed in small portions. It can also be helpful to prepare in advance and back some veggie chips with sweet potatoes or kale. Season as desired with nutritional yeast or your favorite blend of spices and enjoy.

When you're craving something sweet...

Many people get the attack of the sweet tooth during the midnight hours. If that sounds like, you it's a good idea to have healthy alternatives on hand so that you don't wind up stopping by the convenience store for a candy bar. A spoonful of nut butter, a serving of fresh fruit, or a container of low-fat yogurt can satiate your sweet tooth without sabotaging your diet.

Whether you totally forgot to pick up dinner or can't fall asleep for a growling stomach, there are good-for-you options that allow you to avoid consuming empty calories. When late night snacking, aim for fresh whole foods that contain a variety of vitamins and nutrients. At the Metabolic Research Center, we like to emphasize the importance of healthy, whole-food snacking, night and day. You don't have to "live hungry" in order to lose weight.


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