Great Appliances for Healthy Eating

Demonstration of Knife Skills

There are so many kitchen gadgets out there, many find it hard to figure out what really ought to be in their house when they are trying to get healthy.  Obvious choices from the black Friday advertisements are a high speed blender and a juicer, but what really makes sense to own?

It all boils down to what one really uses in the kitchen.  Each cook uses different things, and have different techniques, but the higher the skill of the cook, the less equipment they really need.  There are some items that the beginner and the pro have in common, and this list should help anyone who is curious figure it out.

Knife skills are famously important, being an elimination round in many of the competitive cooking shows.  A good paring, chef knife, bread knife, and filet knife make up the four main knives that most cooks use, and the chef knife is the most important of the four.  Investing in a good knife and learning how to maintain it is an important part of cooking.  A chef knife in skilled hands can out-perform a blender or food processor for many tasks, and smokes most of the convenience tools for cutting up specific foods such as apples, eggs, etc. 

A good grill is an important for anyone who wishes to eat light.  It does not matter what type of grill, whether it be a small-electric style grill, a stove-top electric grill, or gas or charcoal.  This cooking method allows a quick and nearly fat-free method of cooking meat or vegetables that is second to none.  The food requires very little preparation and with a little attention, cooks to beautiful texture and flavor.

A high speed blender might be a great way to get more vegetable servings into a diet, assuming that one will really use it, but an ordinary residential blender does a great job of smoothing out textures.  This is especially important for sauces and salad dressings, but an ordinary blender will make a passable smoothie, as well.


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