Getting to Know Cheese

Wedges of Cheese

Familiarity with very common foods is essential for people who are working to change their long term dietary habits. Habitually balancing the daily diet and making choices that combines foods that are pleasurable to eat but also provide the entirety of what the body needs nutritionally is a big part of that long term eating philosophy. Dairy is one of the complex food groups that is so important to understand. Butter's nutritional values make it a bad choice in many ways if one is splurging, but cheese is a much less empty food. These kinds of choices, once they are habitual, make healthy eating easier.

Cheese is a central part of the American diet. It's broad appeal and wide range of choices, flavors, and textures, makes it an irresistible addition to all sorts of foods. Trouble is, much of it, particularly the most popular varieties of cheese, are packed full of fat. Some of them make up for high fat contents by bringing a big wallop of calcium to the table...and some don't. Smart eaters understand and choose the right foods over time. This increases the level of health and well being that they can achieve. The wide appeal of cheese and its nutritional ups and downs makes it an important item to get educated about.

Cottage cheese is the lowest fat option in the cheese spectrum, particularly the low-fat variety. With a quarter or less the fat per serving as cheddar, cottage cheese delivers a big dose of protein, but a disappointing dose of calcium. So essentially a single serving of cheese is not a bad choice if one is using it as a major source of calcium, but cottage cheese is a much less caloric protein source. Cheese is not responsible for empty calories, as its protein, mineral, amino acid, and vitamin content is generally very good.


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