No Time to Prepare Healthy Meals at Home? Try These Tips.

Large Veggie Casserole

Food prepared at home is usually not just lower in calories but also healthier than packaged meals or restaurant food. While it takes time, plan to prepare food at home. It is well worth the effort.

If you feel you are too busy to fix healthy food for yourself, try one or more of the following tips. They are simple, proven ways to save time when cooking for yourself and your family.

Organize Your Kitchen

It is hard to cook in a disorganized kitchen, as a lot of time is lost looking for cooking utensils, spices and/or other needed items. Organize your kitchen so that you can easily find what you want to cook and the items you need to cook with. This includes prepping meats and vegetables for meals the night before or over the weekend for meals the next week. Some prepped items can be frozen while others can be placed in zip lock bags or sealed containers.

Save Leftovers

Instead of throwing the leftovers out after a dinner, save them. You can use them as lunch (or part of lunch) for the next day or add them as a side to tomorrow's dinner. Either way, saving leftovers will save you time. If you eat out, ask your waiter to split your meal and take half home.

Cook More Than You Need

Cooking more than you need and freezing what you do not use is a good way to save time in the kitchen. There are many ways to go about doing this. Some people chop extra vegetables and then freeze them. Others cook enough food for two or more dinners and freeze unused portions while still others use a cook for the month plan that enables them to cook a month's worth of meals in one afternoon. This also helps you control portion sizes with pre-cooked frozen servings for one, two or the whole family.

Cooking your own food does not have to be time-consuming. Aside from choosing easy yet healthy recipes, you can follow the tips outlined above to save cooking time while still preparing dishes that you and your whole family will enjoy eating.


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