Figs: The Healthy Weight Loss Fruit

Whole and Sliced Fresh Figs

A perfectly ripe fig, right from the tree is a treat that everyone should experience. These small fruits offer rich texture and sweetness that make them amazing to eat fresh. One good thing about figs is that they dry well, and you can find dried figs in grocery stores all year long. Here is a look at how figs help to boost health and drop weight.

The Power of Fiber

Figs are full of fiber. All of those little seeds help to absorb fats in our digestive track before you body absorbs it. That is just one plus for weight loss and health. Another plus is that all of those little seeds increase intestinal health by acting like little scrubbers to clean our intestines. That is a process that can help reduce colon and intestinal cancer. All of this from a fig.

Low in Calories

Figs are fairly low in calories too. A medium fig has about 37 calories and offers around 6 percent of our daily source of fiber. Figs are also full of minerals that our body needs such as copper, manganese, and potassium. Potassium is important in helping to regulate blood pressure. With figs adding six percent of our daily fiber, be sure to eat a few or more.

The fiber in figs is good for weight loss, but it does not have the violent reaction that flax seeds do. Fresh figs are also easy to pack in your lunch as a treat or as a snack, and dried figs make the perfect snack. Because figs are a natural source of quality sugars, you can substitute them for candy without the sugar rush. Natural sugars work longer and slower, so they are the perfect alternative to candy.

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