Do You Know the Science Behind Eating?

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It is not hard to find diet advice online as tens of thousands of food companies, experts, wannabe experts and affiliate marketers broadcast their advice on when to eat, what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. Even so, there are some scientific facts about eating that will never change.

There is not a magic pill, fruit, vegetable or hormone that enable you to quickly lose weight and keep it off. What is more, many fad diets cause more long-term harm than good as they slow your metabolism, making it easy for you to gain back the weight you lost and even more.

Eat Foods from All Food Groups

Calories are not necessarily the enemy unless they are empty calories with no nutritional value. Instead of cutting carbohydrates, replace unhealthy starches such as white rice and white bread with whole wheat bread, oats, whole grain rice and potatoes. Eating a balanced diet of healthy foods is the best long-term solution to managing your weight.

Don't Trust the Product Packaging

Foods with seemingly healthy words used in their product packaging are not always good for you. Never buy food solely based on the package label; instead, read the ingredient list and nutritional information carefully to ensure that it is indeed healthy and low-fat. Finally, don't forget the fact that healthy cooking and eating is neither time-consuming nor expensive. There are many simple, healthy recipes to pick from online that just about anyone can prepare in a matter of minutes. You can also prepare large quantities of food at once and store serving-size portions for future use.

Remember, fresh doesn't come in a box. Get in touch with the Metabolic Health Center if you want more advice along these lines, as we offer a personalized consultation that can help you draw up a healthy eating plan that suits your exact needs and budget.


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