Are You Doing Things for the Right Reasons?

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 In most situations, doing things for the right reasons always seems to produce the most positive results. This certainly seems to be true for weight loss and long term weight management. The concept may also help to explain why "dieting" seldom works while adopting a sensible diet (or menu plan) can allow someone to shed pounds and keep the weight off for good.


Negative Approach versus Positive Approach

1) Dieting - Almost all weight loss diets have one thing in common - they eliminate certain foods by creating a forbidden foods list (NEGATIVE). Unfortunately, dealing with self-imposed restrictions can easily trigger much stronger cravings that can easily become food obsessions. On the other hand, allowing yourself to satisfy an occasional craving for a piece of mom's fried chicken by focusing on the portion size and controlling the frequency can allow you to enjoy (POSITIVE) what you consume without guilt or feelings of self indulgence.

2) Exercising - Many people really don't like to exercise. If you can identify with that statement, it is important to follow an exercise routine for the right reasons. Workouts should never be used to punish yourself (NEGATIVE) for what you ate, or be thought of as the penalty (NEGATIVE) you have pay for getting fat. Your decision to start and maintain an exercise program should be based on a desire to live healthier, be happy and enjoy the benefits of a stronger body (POSITIVE).

3) Celebration - Celebration is one of the most important components of every weight loss program at the Metabolic Research Center. If you are constantly beating yourself up for not reaching your ultimate goal (NEGATIVE), it becomes an impossible task to overcome the smallest obstacles. Celebrating every "win" and considering each to be a huge victory (POSITIVE) will promote a positive mindset that allows you to distinguish when you've "messed up" from being a "total failure".

So, get off to the right start with a positive approach and avoid negative thinking from the get go. Just pick the simplest things you can do each day to keep yourself on track. This will prove to be the most successful and most sustainable strategy for restoring your good health and promoting long-term wellness. To enhance your personalized experience, contact the Metabolic Research Center nearest you for a free, no obligations consultation. 


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