Keep Your Internal Clock Set Correctly

Man Sleeping on Sofa During the Day

Sleep is vital to good health. Getting thrown off when it comes to sleep patterns can lead to a variety of health problems. An individual who does not get enough sleep can have a depressed immune system, trouble concentrating and fatigue throughout the day. Your circadian rhythm is the pattern by which your body regulates sleep and wakeful periods. As human beings, we are designed to be awake and active during the day and at sleep and resting during the night.

Several things can begin to throw off this delicate balance within the body. Stress is one of the biggest factors when it comes to not being able to sleep. Chronic illness that causes pain and continual discomfort are also common problems that have a devastating impact on our sleep patterns. Individuals who have irregular work schedules can often times have trouble re-establishing natural sleep patterns when their schedules begin to change or are altered in some way. Once a person's sleeping patterns are thrown off, it can be extremely hard for them to reset their internal clock and get themselves back on an appropriate sleep schedule.

One of the ways to help re-set your own personal internal clock, is to use relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques help to eliminate the stress we experience during the day and allow us to physically and mentally let go of many of the stressors we are constantly faced with. Aromatherapy may also be an option to help calm the mind and allow you to think more clearly. Massage therapy and acupuncture are also possibilities that offer benefits on both physical and emotional levels. Knowing what works will help to easily establish your much needed sleep patterns.


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