Easy Tips for Fixing Fresh Vegetables and Seafood

Fresh Salad

Lifestyle changes aren't easy.  They require paradigm shifts at all levels of life, from daily to decades.  One of the hardest parts to make a habit, particularly in the beginning of the process is shopping.  Now, that may sound nuts, but the truth is, in a busy lifestyle the average person doesn't actually meal plan in a way that effectively allows for fresh food.  Instead, large shopping trips bring large quantities of prepackaged foods into the house.  Although some healthy foods can be purchased that way, for daily meals to include fresh foods instead of prepackaged and processed, requires at least a twice-a-week trip (if not every other day) depending on the season.  That can be a tough lifestyle change but it can be made easier if some basic habits are put into play.

Salad is one of the hardest parts.  A lot of vegetables have a longer shelf life than fresh greens, and so keeping them or even buying them in a larger quantity is not a problem.  But lettuce, not the iceberg stuff, but actual leafy greens and spinach just don't keep well in the refrigerator for more than 4 days or so, and that's assuming they were fresh upon purchase.  Since salad is generally the easiest vegetable option to add to the diet (as it requires very little preparation and little to no cooking), it may require you to shop twice or three times weekly.

Similarly, seafood is much better the day of purchase or the next day, and it's always better fresh.  However, most seafood, by the time it has reached the consumer, has been frozen at least once. If local fishmongers can only offer “fresh” seafood that's already been frozen, it makes no sense to worry about buying it “fresh”.  Frozen seafood in that instance is often more economical, and much more convenient to store.


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