Don't be Fooled by Manufacturer's Food Claims

Woman Reading Food Packaging

While the FDA does ensure that food companies are unable to outright lie about the nutritional value of any given food item, many food companies have seasoned marketing departments that know how to deceive consumers without running afoul of FDA regulations. Following are some common ways in which consumers are led to believe that a food item is more nutritious than it actually is.

Serving Size

You may be able to eat a small box of cookies or a medium sized back of chips in one setting; however, this does not mean that the package is a single serving. Read the nutrition label carefully; you may be surprised to find that it contains two or even more servings. Do the math and figure out just how many calories you eating.

All Natural

All natural does not mean all healthy. Such foods may contain GMO ingredients, high fructose corn syrup or, in the case of raw meat, be injected with sodium. Read the ingredient label to make sure the food does not contain natural ingredients you would be better off not eating.

Fat Free

It is not uncommon for fat free foods to contain a lot of sugar and just as many calories as regular foods. Furthermore, it should be noted that the food industry can legally label a food as being "Fat Free" even though the food contains up to .5 grams of Trans fat per serving. Read the ingredient list and the nutrition label to make sure the food you want to eat will help you lose weight rather than gain it.

Food labels are not easy to understand; in fact, nearly 60% of consumers admit that they have a difficult time knowing what the labels actually mean. Even so, you can know what you are eating if you check the serving size and read the nutrition label and ingredient list carefully.


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