Are You Eating... ENOUGH?

Eat More Real Food

Surprisingly, fat is an incredibly essential macronutrient, and the body needs it for energy. The human body's history has been contingent upon survival - and good fats have played a major role.

You've probably heard the words, "I eat like a sparrow," from those on a weight loss routine. Truth is, most dieters engaging in rigorous exercises don't understand caloric intake and expenditure mechanics. In short, eating less doesn't necessarily make you weigh less, and there's a few reasons why:

Lean Protein Reduces Fat

So, the question stands: Are you eating enough? You may be surprised to learn the positive weight loss effects derived from larger amounts of lean protein consumption. In fact, low-fat meat consumption drastically alters your saturated fat intake, thus causing your body to burn more stored fat and conserve lean muscle while allowing you to become thinner.

Beef, pork and fish are incredibly effective weight loss foods, and eating a high amount of such foods both reduces overall bodyweight and protects your body from heart disease. Poultry and seafood, specifically, are renowned for Omega-3 fatty acids. These acids assist in weight reduction while keeping your cardiovascular system healthy.

Increased Vegetable and Fruit Intake Reduces Fat

That's right, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can reduce your weight too, especially when consumed in large amounts. The National Library of Medicine -National Institute of Health has completed several case studies pertaining to such mechanics and the critical nutrients (called carotenoids) available in both fruits and vegetables.

Carotenoid intake is positively correlated with weight loss, and studies have revealed effective weight reduction techniques derived from a healthy diet containing plenty of fruits and vegetables.

The Verdict?

Increasing your intake of real foods directly impacts weight loss, and abstaining from food may actually cause weight gain. The human body, when deprived of nutrients, reverts to a "camel-like" state and hoards any inbound foods for sustainable, protective energy. Often, these are exclusively fat derivatives.

Unfortunately, the average American diet is comprised of roughly 8 percent fruits, beans and vegetables. We're often told to eat at least five portions per day, but most of us rarely oblige. Maybe it's time to increase healthy food intake, to positively impact cardiovascular health, weight loss and well-being.


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