Don't Let Winter Weather Trap You Inside

Woman Ice Skating

Snow has already begun to fall across America. With the colder months often comes the desire to stay inside and curl up with a good book by the fire. But, the winter months can actually be one of the best times to get outside and enjoy nature. While it's tempting to "worship hearth and home" until spring, maybe we can convince you to enjoy all winter has to offer.

Parts of the country with lots of snow will typically have cross-country ski trails. These beautiful outdoor areas often traverse through the woods or a nearby park. Cross-country skiing has been called "the ultimate calorie burner" and is one of the best exercises that involve all four limbs. Because of the total body workout it provides, both lower and upper body muscle groups working simultaneously to push and pull you forward. You'll barely notice the cold as you work up a good sweat.

Along with burning several hundred calories per hour, cross-country skiing is also very low impact on your joints, leaving you feeling great afterward. Snowshoeing is much easier for beginners than cross-country skiing. Similar to a light jog through the sand at the beach, snowshoeing is a fantastic calorie burner. It's a great way to get outside and explore areas you may not have visited during the summer months.

Whether you have a nearby pond or indoor rink, ice skating is typically enjoyed by everyone, so long as you can manage to stay up that is. Many factors that play into this activity can dramatically change the exercise. From skating and equipment style to body weight and stride, recreational skating can burn several hundred calories in just a short amount of time.

Throughout the US, winter is a gorgeous time of year. Don't miss the opportunity to get in touch with nature, have fun, and get in some exercise while doing it. The icy world inside and outside has a lot to offer, so start exploring.


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