Too Busy to Eat Fresh? Try Frozen or Canned.

Couple Shopping Frozen Vegetables

You want to eat well but finding time to peel, chop, and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables can be a challenge. Virtually every dietary guide stresses the importance of fruits and vegetables along with lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains. What is a busy guy or girl to do when short on time? Luckily, in this age of modern conveniences, we have options.

Frozen Foods for the Healthy Win

When you are running low on time, energy, or just the will to prepare a healthy, vegetable laden meal, frozen vegetables can be a welcome addition to your meal. Frozen vegetables are picked at their peak and immediately frozen to retain all of their natural goodness. Organic options are easy to locate as well. Beware of those packaged with cheese or butter sauces that may add unwanted calories and ingredients.

Canned Foods Can Speed Up Meal Time

Canned fruits and vegetables are great options to ramp up your fruit and vegetable intake. Look for low sodium options to avoid excessive salt consumption which can have negative health effects. Also, look for fruits canned in natural juice or water to avoid excessive added sugars.

Go With Low or No Prep Fresh Options

Walk through the produce section of your local grocery and you will find several low to no prep solutions for your meal prep problems. Use ready washed lettuces, baby carrots and pre-sliced mushrooms to create an earthy, crunchy fresh salad or snack. Grapes, apples, and pears are all excellent sources of Vitamin C and require nothing more than a quick rinse to prepare.

Canned and frozen fruits and vegetables are just as healthy as their fresh counterparts. Best of all, they will not spoil before you can eat them, cutting down on food waste and taking it easy on your wallet.


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