Healthy Snacks That Won't Wreck Your Weight Loss Goals

Cake or Fruit

We eat food to gain energy to function. Sometimes when we eat the wrong kind of food we run out of energy too soon and we get the munchies. Instead of eating more of the wrong kinds of food, eat something healthy. In this "keeping the momentum" blog, we look at why we graze and what foods help fill us up without blowing our weight loss goals.

Recognizing the Low Fuel Light

Sadly, we don't have a low fuel light but we do have signs and symptoms of approaching low fuel. Those include:

  • Thoughts about food
  • Feeling thirsty
  • Feeling hungry
  • Cravings for sugary foods
  • Cravings for salty foods
  • Cravings for carb-loaded snacks

When you have those feelings, your brain is signaling your stomach to turn on the hunger mode. That is when we had to the fridge, vending machine, out to get our third 700 calorie coffee drink. We do this because we're running low on energy. By learning to recognize low fuel symptoms, we can head off our brain before it messages our stomach that we are starving to death. Here's how.

Foods That Fill You Up

Instead of sugar and starch, reach for something healthy such as:

  • An orange or apple — fruit is both a source of natural sugar and carbs. The difference between fruit and candy is that candy is a fast burning fuel whereas fruit provides plenty of energy over the long haul. Slow burning starches and sugars fuel our body without creating hunger. Between breakfast and lunch, plan on having an orange or apple.
  • Low salt nuts are also an excellent choice — Nuts are fatty so you don't want many of them but they break down slowly and they provide the same type of energy as fruit. Between lunch and dinner, plan on a serving of nuts. Mixed nuts work just fine too.
  • Oatmeal and Yogurt — 1/4 oatmeal to 3/4 yogurt makes an excellent energy filled snack that is perfect any time of the day.

Foods That Hinder Weight Loss

When you are between meals avoid processed foods and sugars. Foods such as:

  • Soda
  • Potato Chips
  • Crackers
  • Bread
  • Candy
  • Sugary Juice
  • Sugar-Coated Fruit
  • Anything from Vending Machine

These foods are empty calories. While they supply energy, it burns too fast and then you need more food. Break that cycle by reaching for the healthier foods and snacks.

At the Metabolic Research Center, we look at how food affects the body. If you want to try a weight loss method that lets you eat real food and still lose weight naturally, then look us up online. We have a ton of resources available. Be sure to Reach out to us if you have questions or need specific resources. Our professionals are not just counselors, but they are people who used to struggle with weight loss too.


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