Weigh Yourself But Not Every Hour

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People use their weight loss as a barometer to determine their progress. Weighing yourself every day, however, is a bad idea. Many weight loss groups meet once a week and have a weigh in at that time. Checking your weight every week to ten days is a better indicator of actual weight loss than if you weigh yourself every time you see the scales. To keep from getting discouraged, it's important to focus not on how much you weigh but how you look and feel.

Your Weight Fluctuates Constantly

While weight can be an indication of your progress, it can also be misleading. It is important to understand that muscle weighs more than fat. Spending weeks in the gym will eventually produce new muscle. As fat stores become depleted, new muscle growth begins to take its place. If a person loses approximately 10 pounds of fat, they can gain up to 8 or 9 in new muscle growth. This will show up as only one or two pounds lost. If you are looking to lose weight by the numbers, this can become discouraging.

Definition Not Numbers

Even though your weight will go up and down on the scale, two things that will consistently improve is your physical definition and strength. As fat slips away and is replaced by firmer, denser muscle tissue, ridges and lines will begin to appear. Muscles will begin to show more as your body flexes and moves. With continual weight loss, muscles that only were apparent when you flexed your arms or legs, will now be visible when your body is at rest, giving you a very defined appearance. Instead of using a weigh-in to determine your progress, look in the mirror or measure yourself and compare the inches.


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