Is Weight Loss the Same As Dieting?

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Attempting to lose weight and dieting are not the same thing. While the two are constantly confused with one another weight loss and dieting are two different concepts. Both result in the loss of unwanted pounds, but the biggest difference is how the end result is achieved. People who attempt to lose weight making positive lifestyle changes are often more successful at losing the weight and keeping it off than people who restrict their diet and limit the types of foods they eat.


Diets often fail because of their restrictive nature. Many diets revolve around a limited number of calories, avoiding favorite foods and making claims that weight can be lost without the benefit of exercise. The fact is exercise is an integral part of any weight loss plan. Eliminating a person's favorite foods from their diet can lead to discouragement and, in most cases, failure. Another fact is that by limiting calories, the amount of nutrients are also limited which could lead to deficiencies. Changing a person's diet is a much better option than trying a fad diet that may only work for one or two weeks.

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People who choose to lose weight by making positive lifestyle changes shed pounds gradually without stressing the body. By combining exercise, healthy foods and enjoying meals, people are more likely to carry less stress when it comes to their health. People who slow down when eating, eat less because they give their stomach time to fill up on its own without stuffing it full of food. Taking the time to thoroughly chew their food helps the digestive process and makes it easier for the stomach to break it down and utilize the nutrients it offers. Exercising on a daily basis also helps to establish positive lifestyle habits that help keep extra weight from being gained.


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