Tips for Enjoying Your Holidays

Weight Loss Tips Holidays

The holidays are a difficult time for people who are trying to lose weight. Family members and friends often put together the most calorie-packed and fat-filled meals they can muster. While the meals are quite delicious, many people gain weight during their brief time visiting loved ones for the holidays. Several studies over the years claimed that that people gained one to 10 pounds during holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Learning constructive ways to manage one’s eating habits can help a person from gaining too much weight during the holidays. The following are some tips for eating better during the holidays:

Eat in Moderation

One way to try to avoid gaining excessive weight is to eat small meals. Many people gain weight quickly over the holidays because they engorge themselves with pies, cakes, sugar-filled foods and carbohydrates. First, the holiday eater can increase his or her metabolism if that person cuts the size of the meals down and increases the frequency. Five to six small meals a day can promote weight loss more than one huge meal can. Secondly, the holiday eater may want to decrease the sweets and carbs and increase his or her vegetable intake.

Maintain Daily Exercises

Holiday eaters often make the mistake of disregarding exercise for those few days during their holiday vacations. The best thing about exercise is that one can do it from anywhere. A person does not need to visit a fitness center to increase his or her heart rate. Ten to 20 minutes of vigorous jumping jacks, jump roping or brisk walking can help the holiday eater to boost his or her metabolism.

Request the Assistance of a Professional

A personal dietary coach or assistant is one of the best gifts one can receive during the holidays. The Metabolic Research Center has a special program that offers personal coaching, flexible menus, nutritional supplements and moral support. A person can kick-start his or her holiday season by connecting with an organization that is dedicated to natural weight loss. The MRC program is designed with minimal restrictions and live help so that each member can strive to stay in shape.


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