Limit Blue Light for Better Sleep

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Before the introduction of artificial lighting, the sun was the main indicator as to when a person should be awake and when they should be sleeping. Electric lighting made it possible for people to remain awake long after the sun had set. This eventually led to sleep disruptions and irregular sleeping patterns. When electronics became a mainstay, the introduction of what is known as "blue light" disrupted sleep patterns even more.

Electronic devices such as cell phones, television sets, iPads, laptops and computer monitors, emit blue light in massive amounts. The more a person uses them, the more blue light there brain is exposed to. Blue light has a direct effect on the body's internal clock which regulates sleep patterns and cycles. It also reduces the amount of melatonin produced naturally by the brain. Both of these things have a negative impact on the body's ability to relax and prepare for sleep. At the end of the day, when our ancestors would have been happily ready to jump into bed for a good night's sleep, we are wide awake because our brains have become confused.

Different types of lighting affects or brains in different ways. Fluorescent lights produce less blue light than LED lighting, but LED is much more efficient and cost effective. Naturally, sunlight contains blue, red and green forms of light. Using sunlight whenever possible and minimizing your exposure to blue light can not only help restore balance in the body, but can also help to reset the body's internal clock. This allows the body to return to a natural circadian rhythm and sleep more efficiently for longer periods of time.


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