It May Be Time for a Power Nap

Man Taking Power Nap at His Desk

Getting a full night of sleep is probably the best practice for feeling rested and energized throughout the day. However, plenty of research does reveal that taking a power nap can improve your ability to function if you haven’t slept at least eight hours through the night. Here are some quick facts about power naps:

  • A nap of 10-20 minutes can improve motor skills when you start to feel too fatigued at work.
  • Shorter power naps of no more than 20 minutes could give you a sudden burst of energy to help you make it through the last few hours of work.
  • The best time to take a short nap of 20 minutes or less is reported to be sometime between 2-4 p.m.
  • Power naps are increasing in popularity and are said to be more beneficial than caffeine.
  • A power nap is just short enough to feel refreshed, yet you do not wake up feeling “groggy.”


Benefits of Naps in Different Durations

Aside from the power nap, other durations of short sleep times have different benefits. For instance, 30-60 minute naps might possibly offer you more of the deeper sleep that you need. However, the ideal length of naptime – if you have it spare – would be 90 minutes. It would not be ideal to make a habit of sleeping such small amounts of time daily. However, the 90-minute nap could help you make it through the day when you have a deadline crunch. After this brief rest period, you can feel energized without that grogginess that comes after only 30 or 60 minutes of sleep.

Power Nap vs. Sleep Cycle Nap

Be careful not to stay up late too many nights in a row, however. Most humans seem to function better on about eight hours a sleep per night instead of shorter sleep phases. However, if you do not have time for eight hours, then take either a 20-minute power nap or a 90-minute sleep cycle nap.


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