Cooking Chicken.. the Bone and Skin Are Key

Roasted Chicken and Veggies

Chicken that is cooked on the bone with the skin on retains more moisture and flavor than boneless skinless varieties.  Piercing a chicken in the thigh with a meat thermometer is the best way to tell it is done in the beginning.  Brining, which is simply a salt water marinade, is the easiest way to preserve the juiciness of chicken, particularly the breast.  Chicken can be boiled, seared, grilled, roasted, and broiled for its healthiest methods of preparation.

Brining can improve chicken texture, regardless of cooking method.  It widens the time before a chicken is overcooked, making it a bit more fool-proof.  To make a brine, simply dissolve ½ cup of kosher salt in 1 gallon of water or ¼ c in ½ gallon of water.  This can be done with hot tap water if the water is warm enough.  Then the brine is allowed to cool to room temperature.  Make enough to cover the meat, and marinate, refrigerated, for 1 hour/pound.  This works for chicken or turkey, and other types of meat as well.  

Roasting a chicken in the best way possible involves hitting it with some salt and pepper, trussing it, and roasting it at 425 degrees.  Not 350 degrees, but 425.  This  takes roughly an hour and 20 minutes, but this varies according to the size of the bird.  Internal temperature should read 165 degrees.  There is far less juice that comes off a bird done in this way, which means it is all still inside the meat. 

Have trouble getting a boneless skinless breast from tasting like anything but a flavorless hockey puck?   Bone and skin are the key to chicken flavors, but a boneless skinless breast can benefit from other marinades.  Just avoid anything too acidic, as this will turn the chicken into rubber.


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