How to Use Body-Weight Exercises at Home

Woman Using Body-Weight Exercises

Herschel Walker is one of the greatest athletes of all time, commanding national attention regardless of what sport he's playing. NFL Professional football with the Cowboys, Vikings, Eagles and Giants top his list of accomplishments, in addition to Olympic bobsledding and Mixed Martial Arts fighting. No one can say that Herschel is not using his body to its full capacity.

But, where did he tap into his physical prowess? The answer just might surprise you. Herschel grew up in a small town in Georgia where he transformed himself into the athlete that would become a Heisman trophy winner with the University of Georgia Bulldogs. That small town didn't have access to a world-class gym. No, Herschel built his body on his own with body-weight exercises. In fact, he has been recorded saying he's done as many as 5,000 push-ups and 1,500 sit-ups in a single day. Pull-ups, push-ups, air squats, dips and walking lunges all come together for Herschel's out-of-this-world resistance training and conditioning workout.

Do you want to get fit like (well, maybe, almost like) Herschel without shelling out lots of cash for fancy gym equipment or a personal trainer? It's possible! You will soon see that there is no need for a gym when you have the right incentive and the internet. Absolutely free body-weight workouts are available on YouTube that require nothing but an empty living room floor and your own capable body. Other online sites also offer an extensive list of body-weight workouts covering the full spectrum of exercises to work your overall body, legs, arms, shoulders, chest, back, and core.

Remember, you should always consult a physician before participating in any new physical activity. Also, be mindful of proper form when you are performing body-weight exercises as improper execution can lead to muscle injury. Contact the professionals at the Metabolic Research Center for more information about restoring your health and wellness.


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