Exercise Can Only Do So Much

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 Nervously, you step on the digital scale at your home. When you finally get up the nerve to look at the number, your mood immediately deflates. After exercising regularly at the gym for the past three months, you’ve only lost two pounds. At this rate, you’ll likely never achieve your lofty, weight loss goals. If you can relate to this scenario, revamping your diet might be in order. Exercise can only do so much.

To successfully drop the pounds and keep them off permanently, you need to adopt a lifestyle of both healthy eating and regular exercising. In order to lose weight, you must burn more calories each day than you consume.

Problems with an Unhealthy Diet

While exercising helps you expend calories, working out won’t compensate for a poor diet. Actually, an unhealthy diet can prevent you from reaping the most benefits from your gym sessions. When you work out, your muscles incur microscopic tears. To repair and grow muscle, you need to consume healthy sources of protein such as: 

  • Boneless, skinless chicken breast
  • Low-fat milk
  • Plain, Greek yogurt
  • Boiled eggs

Replacing calorie laden and nutrient deficient foods such as potato chips, French fries, fried chicken, and hamburgers with healthier options will likely also provide you with an energy boost. When at the gym, having more energy can propel your workouts to the next level.

If you’ve struggled with weight loss in the past, achieving the body of your dreams might seem like an impossibility. Thankfully, armed with a new diet plan and a commitment to exercise regularly, you can likely attain your weight loss goals. If you’re unsure how to incorporate real, healthy foods into your diet, consider scheduling a free appointment with a consultant at a Metabolic Research Center near you. A MRC weight loss specialist will work with you to create a delicious, menu plan (complete with supplementation, if needed) that will yield the most positive results.


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