It Only Took 104 Years to Ban Trans Fat

Zero Trans Fats

In June 2015, the FDA banned foods made with trans fat. This decision is based on recent evidence that connected the use of these artificially manufactured fat sources to higher risk of heart attack or stroke.

Chief Cardiology expert at the Mineola Winthrop-University Hospital in N.Y. said that it’s about time because these fats are toxic. He also mentioned that these substances shouldn’t be used to prepare or cook our food. Other statistics produced by the FDA in the past indicated that eliminating these harmful substances could save more than 20,000 lives.

History of Trans Fat Use

The use of this synthetic fat source started about 104 years ago. It was first formed from adding hydrogen atoms to vegetable oil. This later resulted in the development of shortening, which is a very popular kitchen commodity used to cook French fries, pancakes, donuts, potato chips, and more.

It looks very much like lard (animal fat) but was created to provide the public as a more economical cooking oil. Use of this cooking substance increased for decades up until recently because it improved food texture, shelf life and taste.

Healthier Alternatives to Shortening

You would benefit from using unsaturated fats such as olive, avocado, corn, sunflower or corn oil. You will know they’re not saturated if they’re liquid at room temperature. However, even butter or lard is better for you than trans fat (a.k.a. partially hydrogenated oil) when used in small amounts and even is said to have more nutritional value than the trans fat. Still, the liquid oils lower your risk of high cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc.


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