What The Human Genome Project Says About Weight Loss

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While most people think of weight loss as a formula of "calories in / calories out" many don't consider the other variables hidden in their DNA. Thanks to the continuing efforts of the Human Genome Project, scientists have uncovered specific genetic pairings, which can make losing weight easier or more difficult for some people.

Genes Have an Impact on Your Body Chemistry

That's right, genes not only control your eye and hair color, but can also have a big impact on protein synthesis, cellular reactions, and body chemistry. In fact, your entire hormonal makeup is greatly determined by your genetic profile. All of this research has led to a new field of study known as genomic medicine. This is essentially gene therapy. Scientists are looking into ways to manipulate genes or repair broken ones. Not only do these have the potential to help with serious genetic disorders, they may also help with weight loss.


The FTO Gene May Affect Satiety and Cravings

When it comes to genetic therapy for weight loss, researchers are focusing on the FTO gene. It has been found that people with specific FTO variants have a harder time feeling full and tend to over eat. This is typically accompanied by a strong desire for calorie-dense foods and can play a strong role in childhood obesity. While some argue that genetic therapy for weight loss may discourage people from entering a weight loss program, a study from the Health Behaviour Research Center at University College London says the opposite. The study showed that obesity gene testing can help reduce self-blame and actually encourage active participation in weight loss.

Metabolic Research Center is here to help, and through our Genetic Weight Control Panel, genetic testing for weight-related genes is available. This simple non-invasive cheek-swab test can help determine if you have one or more of the genes related to obesity. Contact an MRC consultant today to learn more and schedule your own genetic test.


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