Grocery Shopping Practical Guide Veggies

Grocery Cart on Produce Aisle

Vegetables (and fish) tend to be the hard part when pursuing lifestyle change.  They spoil, lose freshness and texture when frozen, and are generally a pain to keep in the house, where meat is easy to portion and freeze.  To successfully plan meals and keep the ingredients handy, it takes some  outside-the-box thought and tactical planning. 

Some veggies will hold up to longer term refrigeration, and it pays to buy them in larger quantities and keep them on hand.  Some of them could even go into the crisper in the fridge at work.  Carrots, celery, cabbage, onions, butternut and acorn squash, root vegetables in general all have refrigerator lives that can last for weeks, even months.  For the purposes of snacking, carrots last much longer whole, but it may be that convenience makes the bag of pre-cut carrots or baby carrots more appealing.  Celery may work the same way.  Those types of tweaks should be done according to personal preference.  So, this list puts quite a range of vegetables in the fridge.  Apples, oranges, lemons, and limes similarly have a pretty long fridge life.  Apples and oranges are great to have on hand because they are a wonderful addition to salads and braised dishes. 

Fermentation is another way to keep vegetable matter in the house.  It also provides a source of probiotics, by nature lowers the glycemic index of the foods that are fermented, and changes the vitamin profiles of the foods.  Cabbage is probably the most famous fermented vegetable, dominating kimchi and sauerkraut, but many other vegetables can be fermented, including beans as miso, cucumber, carrot, kale, and more.  They can be added to the cabbage or fermented on its own terms. 

Korean, Japanese, and Chinese foods have many examples of fermented vegetables.  Other foods, including bread and dairy products, can be fermented to great effect as well.


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