FDA Warns Against Latest Weight Loss Fad - Pure Caffeine Powder

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In healthy doses, caffeine has long been associated with energy boosts and weight loss. To some degree, that's true. Caffeine is a natural stimulant that creates a thermogenic response in the body, speeding up metabolism, burning calories and helping to shed the body of excess water. But too much can raise blood sugar and insulin levels, converting unused sugars into body fat. And that’s at best. At worst, high doses of caffeine can be dangerous or even deadly.


That's why the US Food and Drug Administration recently issued a warning against the growing use of pure caffeine powder packaged and marketed as workout and weight loss supplements and easily available online. At the time of this writing, this trend has been linked to two deaths - those of an 18-year-old high school student and a 24-year-old man. Just a teaspoon of pure caffeine powder is the equivalent of drinking 25 cups of coffee in rapid succession. It only takes a small amount to overdose, causing serious and potentially fatal consequences.


Losing weight in a safe and healthy manner requires careful selection of proven nutritional plans and supplements. That's what we here at Metabolic Research Center specialize in. Formulations of our safe and highly effective weight loss supplements, drink mixes and snacks are created using the latest scientific studies and doctor recommendations as the basis for the types, amounts and concentrations of ingredients in our products.

Don't fall victim to unproven and potentially harmful weight loss fads. Visit the Metabolic Research Center location nearest you and take advantage of the expertise we've gained in over 25 years as America's top weight loss specialists.


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