Working Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

Employees Passing on Stairs

One of the biggest hurdles many newcomers to weight loss face is adjusting their schedule to fit in exercise. Between our careers, family, and social obligations, it can be difficult to change our habits and work something new into our routine. Many of our clients have felt this way and what they found was that a few simple changes to daily habits can go a long way toward increasing movement, and calorie burning, without a huge disruption to their set schedules.

Here are a few great tips from our clients showing how easy it can be to make just a few simple changes which ultimately have a big impact.

  1. Become a “stair master.” If you work or live in a building with stairs, start taking them! This also applies to trips to the mall. This simple switch adds additional cardio into your normal routine. A recent study has shown that taking the steps one-at-a-time actually burns more calories per flight than taking every other step.

  2. Skip the chair at work. Sitting all day at work has been called the secret killer of our generation and is right up there with smoking. Any chance you have to break the sitting routine is worth it for your weight loss and overall health. Whether you switch to a standing desk or pace the office while taking a business call, getting up and moving will make a significant impact on your wellness.

  3. Walking meetings. Nearly all of us have quick 10 to 15 minutes come up every day or two at work. Start having these meetings with co-workers while on the move. A simple walk around your building (inside or out) is a great way to get away from your desk, catch some fresh air, and improve your health, all while still performing your duties at the office.

  4. Take the habits home. Let’s face it, work isn’t the only place changes can be made to create a whole life wellness lifestyle. After a long day, there are often still chores to be done. Whether it’s vacuuming the house, cleaning the shower, or unloading the dishwasher, these simple household chores can burn as many as 98 additional calories in just 30 minutes.

The first step often seems the hardest. Maybe you’re not ready to dedicate 90 minutes per day to the gym, but the great news is that you don’t have to! Simple changes to your daily routine can ramp up your metabolism, burn additional calories, and start getting you in the habit of living a healthy, lean lifestyle.


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