Supplements Were Meant to Supplement

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Generally, eating a well-balanced diet packed full of a variety of healthy, nutritious whole foods should be sufficient to meet all of your basic dietary needs. However, in our modern world, our diets often fall short of our best intentions. We get busy; meals are sometimes rushed and not perfectly balanced. When your diet falls short of the ideal, it may be time to seek the help of dietary supplements to bridge the gap.

What Do Supplements Do Best?

If you have decided to add supplements to your diet, you should take the time to carefully consider which supplements best serve your needs. The right combination of high-quality supplements can restore many of the missing nutrients in your diet. Scientific research has proven that they are a helpful dietary aid when taken regularly. The correct combination of supplements can reduce bone loss, help prevent heart disease and decrease the risk of birth defects.

What Do Supplements Not Do?

Supplements are not a cure-all. They cannot overcome the effects of a generally bad diet and are not a replacement for high-quality whole foods. Nature provides an excellent cocktail of not only minerals and vitamins in whole foods such as fruits and vegetables, but also, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and fibers that promote digestion. These substances simply are not available in supplements and must be obtained through your diet.

The correct combination of dietary supplements can also aid you in your weight loss journey. They should not be considered to be a magic bullet that will make your weight loss effortless, but they can work to maximize the effects of an already healthy diet and fill the gaps that sometimes occur.



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