Make Purple Your New White.. with Potatoes That Is!

Baskets of Fresh Purple Potatoes

Potatoes in general are a starchy vegetable, but some of them have fewer carbohydrates in them than others. For instance, purple potatoes contain a little bit fewer carbs than Russet ones.

However, the nutritional fact that you might find most striking is the level of antioxidants in purple potatoes. The content of this nutrient is about four times higher than it is for Russet potatoes. Therefore, you might want to try using this potato more often.

Health Benefits of Purple Potatoes

A recent USDA study suggests that eating six to eight golf-ball sized purple potatoes can decrease high blood pressure levels. It also can build up your immune system and lower your chance of developing cancer, heart disease or other sicknesses. The potassium in potatoes in general is part of what can help you control your blood pressure. However, consuming purple potatoes twice a day as reported by clinical trials is part of the protocol for helping you regulate blood pressure levels.

Cooking with Purple Potatoes

You can prepare them just like any other potato – serve them mashed, boil them, add them to soups or bake them, for instance. In addition, you can add them to potato salad to give this side dish more color or serve them scalloped. Mixing them with other potatoes can also increase the kinds of nutrients you receive in your body as well.

For instance, all potatoes have a different amount of vitamin A, C, D, B-6, magnesium or other nutrients in them. Combining a variety of them in your meals will help you improve the nutritional value of your food while making each dish tasty and colorful.


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