Do OTC Weight Loss Products Work?

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If you have been struggling with weight loss for some time, it's likely you've at least considered over-the-counter weight-loss medications before. Most drug and even grocery stores, as well as chain supplement stores offer weight loss medications that promise to speed metabolism, melt fat and suppress appetite. But, do they work?

The reality is that drugstore OTC diet pills are classified as supplements and don't have to prove their claims. Not only that, because they aren't regulated by the food and drug administration, they may not even be very good for you. Many are not much more than a glorified caffeine pill with a few added vitamins and ingredients like green tea, etc.

The most powerful weight loss medications can only be prescribed by a doctor. While medication can be helpful in weight loss, it should not be used as your sole strategy. One issue that people run into who use diet pills is that even if they do lose weight, they gain it back, often within a few short months. This happens because the diet pills don't help you create the lifestyle change needed to lose weight and keep it off.

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