Why Do I Always Feel Hungry?

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If you are on a fad diet where you only drink water, then this is a foolish question. But, for the rest of us, there are valid reasons as to why we crave food. Your body needs food to survive and this impulse is controlled in an area of the brain called the hypothalamus. This is the command center where the biological feeling of being hungry as well as the feeling of being full originates. Naturally the two impulses oppose each other and help us decide when it's time to eat. Additionally, the brain sends signals to raise or lower your metabolism to tell your body what to do with the food you're consuming.

That's great but "why do I always feel hungry"?

While the function of eating is to replenish the body, your stomach may not be the actual cause of your hunger. We live in a modern world where our motivation for eating food goes well beyond the basic biological reasons mentioned above. There are numerous activities in the brain that can interfere with and even override the primal signals released by the hypothalamus. In other words, there are physiological causes for feeling hungry.

So how can you identify whether your hunger is emotional or physical. In a recent article published by a non-profit mental health organization (HELPGUIDE.org), the author presented the following comparison to help readers learn to how to recognize and better control emotional eating. Physical hunger comes on gradually whereas emotional hunger comes on suddenly. With emotion-based hunger, there is a need for immediate satisfaction and you will typically crave "comfort foods". Physical hunger stops once the stomach is full and never leaves you feeling bad about what you just ate.

Take the time to separate your emotional hunger from physical hunger. After all, over indulgence will never solve your problems at work or in your personal world. If you continue to find that it is hard to manage your emotional hunger, call the Metabolic Research Center. Our weight loss specialists have been in your shoes and look forward to providing the education, support and encouragement you need to succeed.


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