Top Reasons New Year's Weight Loss Resolutions Fail - And What You Can Do About It

Failed New Year's Resolution

While the reported statistics vary, it's believed that upward of 30 percent of New Year's resolutions bite the dust before February rolls around. Frankly, we believe that particular stat is long overdue an overhaul. So, we've gathered the top three reasons that weight loss resolutions backfire, along with tips for helping you beat the odds.

Too lofty goals: Want to lose 50 pounds? That's great - but if you make it your New Year's resolution, you've got a tough road ahead of you. Rather than set such a high goal, focus on setting and reaching smaller, more immediate goals. For instance, resolve instead to lose five pounds a month. It's entirely doable and means that you'll likely hit your ultimate 50-pound weight loss goal within the year and be more likely to maintain it.

Falling for the latest fad diet: Like fashion fads, diet fats come and go fast. Their slick marketing is far more sustainable than their actual results, and some fad diets ultimately are proven unhealthy or even dangerous. Relying on the latest diet trend invariably will leave you disappointed, so we recommend that you erase the word "diet" from your vernacular altogether and instead focus on developing and maintaining a new "nutritional lifestyle" that includes a variety of healthy foods, exercise and rest.

Unrealistic restrictions: Believing that you can completely shun restaurants or that you'll never cave in the face of a Dutch chocolate brownie is simply naive. Instead, learn to order smart at restaurants. Begin with a salad and skip the heavy, calorie-laden meals for a light appetizer as your entrée instead. And if you're craving that Dutch chocolate, opt for a piece half the size you'd normally eat and add a handful of fresh raspberries.

Skipping exercise: Many weight loss hopefuls believe they can lose weight by changing their nutritional habits only. But that's only half of it. For truly improved health and a higher chance of reaching and maintaining your weight loss goals, exercise is a must. Start with a daily 10-minute brisk walk and work your way up to a more intense and varied workout schedule.

Going it alone: Weight loss success if far more likely if you have a partner helping you along the way, educating and encouraging you and celebrating your successes. Here at Metabolic Research Center, that's our specialty. We offer one-on-one coaching and customized nutrition and exercise plans developed according to your current health condition, lifestyle and goals.

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