How to Grow Container Vegetables

Fresh Container Grown Vegetables

Is there anything better than a beautiful red, ripe, freshly picked tomato? Or a cool salad of homegrown greens? The best thing about summer is that you do not need a large outdoor space to grow your favorite vegetables. Container gardening allows you to grow your own produce nearly anywhere.

Container Gardening: Fresh Produce Grown in Tight Spaces

Growing your own vegetables in containers is simple enough that nearly anyone can enjoy the sweet taste of gardening success. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Choose appropriate containers. You want to select the largest containers that are appropriate for your space. Small containers dry out quickly and do not offer enough room for the plant roots to truly take hold.
  2. Choose the appropriate soil mixture. Choose a soil mixture specially created for potted vegetables. If you are unsure which soil is correct, discuss with the garden professionals at the home improvement store.
  3. Match your plant selections carefully. Some plants such as potatoes, sweet corn, or giant sunflowers will not work well in containers. Choose plants that are compact and produce plentifully.
  4. Plant crops successively. If you choose wisely, you can have a summer season full of vegetables. Plant herbs, lettuces, and other greens like spinach early in the spring. When these are finished, remove the plants and replant the pots with peppers, tomatoes, beans, and other vegetables that you enjoy.
  5. Irrigate. Containers dry out quickly. Use a drip irrigation hose nightly to ensure your plants are well watered.
  6. Offer support. Larger plants such as tomatoes will need wire cages to support the weight of the plant and its delectable fruit.

Container gardens are perfect for people who live in apartments or condos and have limited outdoor space. While you find yourself somewhat limited in your plant choices, you can branch out and try new varieties of old favorites like tomatoes, peppers, and even dwarf sunflowers.


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