Food Color -- It Makes A Difference

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Because our body is basically a chemical factory the colors of the foods we eat are important. Different foods contain different vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. We associate foods with health issues, such as how carrots are supposed to be good for eye health or how spinach is good to improve red blood cell health. We are trained to recognize terms such as heart healthy and other terms that help cue us into the fact that some foods are better for certain health issues.

How do you know which foods treat what? Unless you make a study of that, you don't, but then you don't really need to know that either if your diet is colorful. In this color my health blog, we talk about why the color of foods helps you gain stronger health, and maybe even lose weight, lower cholesterol, and stop diabetes before it gets started.

Food — It's What Powers Our Body

Food choice matters when it comes to health. We are literally what we eat, which is an odd saying. What it means is that we are comprised of the nutrients that we consume. For example, our body turns amino acids into proteins. There are 20 amino acids and of those, nine must come from outside sources. Our body cannot manufacture those nine amino acids so it must harvest them from the foods that we eat. That is also why a balanced diet is so important.

Energy is also a reason why we eat. We gain energy when our body breaks apart the chemical bonds. This occurs in the cells, but it is where we get the energy to move. So the food choices we make affect the energy we have. Sugars and fats are energy sources as well. They are really good for short-term energy boosts, but they come with a heavy price. After we use them, we don't have an instant energy source and our body goes into a negative energy space. That is why we get tired after we eat a bunch of carbs or junk food. Healthy foods such as fruits offer energy that is long-term. Long-term energy also helps us avoid a negative energy and we aren't ready for a nap after we eat apples, oranges, or other fruits.

Why Food Color Matters

Because foods contain different vitamins, enzymes, and minerals it is important that we eat a variety of foods if we want to ensure that we give our body everything that it needs. By making sure that each meal is as colorful as possible, you help to ensure that your body has all of the ingredients needed to make a healthy you. Remember those nine essential amino acids? Well, we find those in different foods. In the Korean culture, food color is used to balance nutrition. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box with this.

White food, such as milk, chicken, pork, parsnips, are all very different, but they each bring something different to nutrition. Green, red, blue/black, and yellow are other food colors on which you can focus. The real trick is adding these colors to every meal and that is not so difficult. Fruit is in many colors so for breakfast you can raspberries (red,) banana (white,) blueberries (blue/black) and orange slices for yellow. That's four of the five colors right there and it's easy. If you take your lunch to work, make a little extra and call it a mid-morning snack.

If you want to find out more simple ways to improve your health and your diet, just head over to the Metabolic Research Center. There you will find support for healthy lifestyle changes, resources such as healthy menus, and other tools that help you gain health without dieting. Making a lifestyle change does not have to be difficult if you have the tools to make it easier.



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