Should Yoga Be Part of Your Exercise Regimen?

Woman Holding Yoga Pose

While many people look at yoga and perceive it to be a mixture of stretching and poses, it is much more than that. Yoga strengthens the body, mind and spirit through the use of many different exercises. Through poses and stretching exercises, several different things begin to happen within the body.


Stretching improves circulation and helps to keep the muscles toned and flexible. As a person stretches and holds a specific pose, the oxygenated blood is encouraged to move throughout the body. This provides nutrients to the tissues and removes toxins that can build up within the tissues, causing pain and inflammation. Stretching also helps with range of motion and maintaining mobility.


The breathing exercises used in yoga serve many purposes. They improve the function of the lungs and the respiratory system while at the same time, providing the body with the oxygen it needs to remain healthy and vibrant. Breathing exercises also help to relax the mind, releasing pent up frustrations and allowing a person to become more in tune with their surroundings.


The use of stretching and breathing provides a physical release of the tensions that can accumulate on a daily basis. Yoga has been used for centuries as a way to meditate, relieving the stressful thoughts that can occupy the mind and cause distress throughout the body. As a person focuses on the pose and the breathing pattern associated with the yoga exercise, they are encouraged to release thoughts from their mind and embrace a period of silence.

When yoga is included as an essential part of an exercise routine, the results can be extremely beneficial. Not only is the person more relaxed and able to concentrate more efficiently, they may also be able to shed a few excess pounds.



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