Stress Could Be Causing Those Extra Pounds

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Our bodies are primed to be responsive to what we feel. We have all heard of fight-or-flight. During that time, our bodies release a lot of adrenaline to help us overcome a life or death situations. Stress is a precursor to fight-or-flight. It is a warning that something is not as it should be in our lives. In the modern world, stress is caused by a lot of factors. We are a slave to the clock. We need to be somewhere, and we are late — We are stressed. We are having relationship problems — We are stressed. We have to work late again — We are Stressed.

We Are Programmed to Eat

Our ancestors needed fight-or-flight so survive predators. We don't have too many predators these days that prey on humans. Most have gone extinct. What we do have is a stressful life pattern, and stress is one of those things that tells our body we need more food. Binge-eating and stress-eating pack on the pounds. We are not craving celery. We are craving Big Macs, and that is just what we eat. We seek out all of the bad foods because they give our brain a little boost. We drink 1,000 calorie coffee drinks and slurp down energy drinks. All of that food takes a toll too. Sadly, when we eat junk food or foods that are high in caffeine, sugar, or fat we train our body to stop producing the natural energy and endorphins that it used to use to power us through our days.

There Is a Better Way

All of this junk food is a health crisis waiting to happen. There is another way to deal with stress. We don't have to binge eat to compensate for stress. We just need to learn to eat healthily. That is where the Metabolic Research Center comes into the picture. Here you can relearn how to eat. Healthy foods can be as satisfying as junk food is. When you eat a healthy diet, you gain energy, and you lose weight. You do not even have to try to lose weight — so this is not a diet. There is not deprivation. Stop over and visit the Metabolic Research Center and discover how healthy foods can change your life and give you energy.




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