Monitor the Order of the Food You Eat to Lose Weight

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Famished, you dive into a basket of crusty bread as soon as your server sets it down in front of you at your favorite restaurant. Before your healthy meal of grilled seafood and vegetables arrives at the table, your stomach feels full from the three large helpings of bread you’ve eaten. Can you relate to this common, troubling scenario? If you’re struggling to lose weight and keep it off for good, you might need to start monitoring the order of the food you eat more closely.

Shedding unwanted pounds and keeping them off for life requires a knack for balancing the portion sizes and types of foods you consume on a daily basis. Eating real, healthy foods instead of calorie, sodium, fat, and sugar laden processed foods is a great place to start. Strive to incorporate servings of vegetables, fruits, lean meats, nuts, seeds, and whole grains into your daily regimen. Fill up on fiber dense vegetables first before eating carbohydrate rich breads, starches, and desserts. Drinking a full glass of water before mealtimes is also a great way to limit the amount you eat. The filling water will prevent you from overindulging on your favorite guilty pleasures at the dinner table.

Eat a satisfying snack or small meal before attending parties, buffets, and other types of gatherings where food temptations will be plentiful. If you don’t arrive at these food filled occasions hungry, you’ll be less likely to eat something you regret the next day. When trying to lose weight, getting a good night’s rest is also important. To increase your odds of falling to sleep quickly, and sleeping soundly through the night, avoid consuming caffeine after the early afternoon hours. To improve the order, and the quality, of the foods you eat, start keeping a food journal. At the end of each week, analyze your journal for things you’re doing right and things you need to change.


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