Low-Fat vs Low-Carb vs Good Food

Reading FDA Label for Carbs and Fat

There are a lot of diets out there today. Some of them are downright bad. Some diets advocate calorie restrictions that are unhealthy or even dangerous. Some propose plans that do not include enough nutrition, and some of them are fine for short-term weight loss, but are not sustainable.

Two diets that seem to pop up in various forms are low-fat and low-carb diets. A typical low-fat diet restricts fat intake overall and favors protein and carbs. A low-carb diet typically favors lots of protein and adds a good amount of fats to the diet. Some low-carb diets recommend extremely low-carb intake. The results for either diet can be good. There are many who swear by these diets. The problems often come with sustainability. How long can you do a low-carb diet? What about fat? Don't you need fat?

Low-carb can be hard to stick with. For some people it works really well, but for others, it can lead to binging and gaining back weight. A more sensible approach is balance. All carbs and fats are not created equal. Low-fat diets can be misleading. Your body and brain need high-quality fats to function properly. Fish high in omega 3's, olive oil, avocados and almonds are all examples of foods that are rich in good fats. You should be adding them to a balanced diet. 

Carbs are not necessarily the enemy, and it is perfectly fine to restrict them, but they don't have to go out the window. High quality whole grains, legumes and vegetables are good sources of carbs that are part of a healthy diet. However, do avoid empty calories in the form of processed foods, foods high in sugar and refined grains and you will be on your way to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.


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