How Does Tea Fit Into Your Diet?

Woman Drinking Tea

The answer to that question is at the end. Ha! All kidding aside, tea is a somewhat amazing beverage. It ranks as the second most consumed beverage worldwide and ranks after water, which is the number one beverage consumed around the world.

Tea and Weight Loss

When it comes to health and tea, it is sometimes hard to decipher the myth from reality. We have all heard those drastic claims that tea does this or that, but not all of those claims are true. For example, green tea does not have super fat burning powers. It does have nutrients that help the body to shed fat, but it does not do so overnight. The real power of green tea is that it boosts the metabolic rate of those who drink it.

The faster our metabolism run, the more calories that we burn. That is important because everyone who wants to lose weight should understand that losing weight is not about popping a pill or eating a rare fruit. Weight loss is about being healthy and as such, you can exploit the power of green tea to help you lose more weight. However, it does not happen on its own. The real super power of weight loss is healthy eating.

Boosts Metabolic Rate

Remember how we said that green tea boosts the metabolic rate? When you drink green tea, and you eat healthier foods, you burn fat. The reason for this is that you end up eating fewer calories or consuming foods that are lower in sugar or fat. Sugar and fat are both used by our body as energy. We that is what we eat, we do not burn stored fat. It is as simple as that.

Packaged foods are high in sugar, fat, and salt. Those three ingredients are fattening. At the Metabolic Research Center, you learn how to choose foods that are good, good for you, and that help you lose fat. They have an entire library of menus that promote healthy eating. In fact, you may walk away with a love of healthy food because don’t promote celery, they promote foods that taste good.

Are you ready to lose fat and gain a healthier you? If so, start your day with a cup of green tea and then head over to the Metabolic Research Center for a little life-changing reading.


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