Teach Your Kids to Pick Foods from Nature's Colors

Family Preparing Colorful Meal

There's a never-ending list of good habits parents have the power to pass on to their kids. Brushing their teeth. Drinking lots of water. But, one of the most important habits, which can have an outstanding impact on their adult health, is to teach them how to eat the rainbow. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables in different colors is important for supplying their body with the necessary nutrients it needs. Here's some ideas on how you can influence your child's diet today for greater health tomorrow.

Get them involved - Kids are much more interested in eating foods when they are involved in its preparation. Gather a few fun and simple recipes that you can do together like a stir-fry or salad. To start make sure the ingredients include produce that your kids already like to eat. Then, slowly introduce them to new fruits and vegetables over time. However, you should pay attention to items they really like that are healthy and have these fruits and vegetables more frequently.

Turn eating healthy into a game - When you are shopping at the store or putting a hot meal on the table, engage your children. Stimulate them to think about the foods they are eating. Perhaps you could conduct a brief introduction of health benefits when new items are introduced to the menu. You can teach your kids how to spell words like asparagus or zucchini or have them draw and color pictures of the new foods they are eating. Let them explain "How does it taste"? "What is the consistency"? "What plant family does it come from"? Making proper nutrition a game gets your kids interested in healthy eating without forcing the excuse "Because it's good for you!" down their throats.

Don't forget. Your children are impacted the most by the example you set. So try to pick fruits over more traditional sweet desserts and make sure you include a veggie during every meal. As their role model, you have the ability to model a healthy lifestyle your children will want to embrace.



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