More Fiber and Less Fat for a Good Night's Sleep

Woman Having Trouble Sleeping

Any healthy diet consists of a nutrients balance. Of course, less fat is always better but fat does more than just impact weight gain. Your body needs a healthy stream of good food to sleep well, and an American Academy of Sleep Medicine study has revealed the intimate connection between sleep and your daily dosages. Slow-wave deep sleep is seemingly impacted by good lifestyle choices, and it’s entirely important to your body’s function, sustainable energy and weight loss.

Sugar and Saturated Fat = Lost Sleep

As per the Academy of Sleep Medicine, sugar and saturated fats, when consumed in excess, can result in less slow-wave sleep, less time spent in deep sleep and lost nighttime hours overall. A low intake of fiber, too, seemingly resulted in sleep loss.

Medical research has connected sleep disruption and chronic disorders for a while. Cardiovascular disease, hypertension, obesity and diabetes are all positively correlated with sleep loss. Unfortunately, what you eat might similarly increase your chances of such illnesses. Individuals who consume high amounts of sugar on average, experience higher instances of arousal from sleep.

Eliminating Late Night Snacks

While they’re wonderful, late night snacks send signals through your body indicative of “wakeup time.” Likely, your late-night food trips are keeping your body unnecessarily active. If you’re interested in improving your health, managing your weight and sleeping better, eat the right foods at dinnertime. Additionally, stay out of the kitchen during the late-night hours if possible. Replace high-sugar and fatty foods with whole grain crackers, bananas and almonds. You’ll be surprised by the results.

Contact the Metabolic Research Center for a free consultation, and find out your body’s best balance. Remember: Everyone has different body needs. Listen to your system, balance your food intake and strike out late night fridge visits to maximize your sleep and health.


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