How to Keep Germs Out of the Kitchen

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If you are on a weightloss journey then you are probably spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and preparing meals. It is always important to keep your kitchen free of germs so you and your family stay healthy. We’ve got you covered with our top eight tips on how to keep a clean kitchen amidst all of your cooking.


  1. Clean dishes with hot soapy water after every use. This tip is for things that you do not want to put in the dishwasher, such as knives, blender gaskets, and can openers. Salmonella, E. coli, yeast and mold can dry onto these utensils if they aren’t washed properly after each use.

  2. Dry all dishes before storing in drawers and cabinets. If you put dishes and utensils away while they are still a little wet they are like a welcome mat for germs.

  3. If you are preparing a meal with meat or fish, be sure to wash your cutting board and knife between uses to avoid cross-contamination.

  4. Constantly wash your hand using warm soapy water before and after handling food.

  5. Sponges and dishcloths can contain all kinds of bacteria so it is best to let them dry between uses and keep them out of the sink. Also, try to replace them often.

  6. Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Try not to let any food sit out at room temperature for more than two hours.

  7. Stop the double dipping! This spreads germs more than you think so always grab a clean utensil when taste testing.

  8. Avoid cross contamination by using separate towels for drying your hands and dishes.


Healthy, home cooked meals are the best way to go if you are trying to lose weight. These tips will help keep you and your family healthy while doing so. For more information on starting your weight loss journey, contact the Metabolic Research Center nearest you.



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