Turn Lunch Time Into Fitness Time


The office lunch hour can be a time to run errands, catch up with friends, and of course have a meal. But, have you considered using this time to add a quick workout to your day? By getting the blood pumping during lunch you're less likely to be sleepy in the afternoon and will definitely feel more energetic on your commute home.

A fast-paced workout can be completed in under 20 minutes and make all the difference in your day. Depending on your work environment, you can get a routine in either at your desk, in a common area, or outside if the weather is nice.

Begin with a brisk walk around your building or parking lot. Try to walk at the fastest pace you can without breaking into a jog. Do your best to complete about half a mile as a warm-up at the top of your lunch break. Once your legs are warm, add in 10 squats followed by 10 lunges. Repeat these 3 times, then move to the upper body.

For your upper body, pushups are ideal, but not always practical at the work place. If you're able to, keep a light set of dumbbells in your car. 5lb or 10lb weights will work best. Start with 10 standing bicep curls followed by 10 shoulder presses and 10 tricep kickbacks. Repeat this set 3 times, then move on to the abdominals.

You can hardly be expected to lie on the floor and do crunches at work. However, while in a standing position, you can easily work your abdominals. With your feet about shoulder width apart, bring your right knee up to your chest while standing on your left foot. Hold this position for a moment then switch feet. Continue this to a count of 50 and you've completed a quick ab workout that you'll definitely feel on the drive home.

See, in under 20 minutes, you can get the blood pumping, boost your endorphins, and keep away afternoon sleepiness while still having time to grab a healthy lunch.


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