Stretching Is Always a Great Place to Start

Two Women Stretching in the Park

So, we've talked about how autumn is a wonderful time to jumpstart your weight loss program. One aspect of your program that can help you to see great results is stretching. Although stretching itself does not lead to weight loss, this activity does present a vast array of benefits relevant to your health and wellness. Consider adding regular stretching to your fitness routine this fall.

Physical Advantages of Stretching

If you've ever been in the gym or in the park and watched someone gear up for a workout or a run, you've probably noticed them taking a few minutes to stretch before and/or after.  Stretching before or after a workout reduces the likelihood of an injury since you are giving your muscles the opportunity to warm up. Stretching also increases blood and nutrient supply throughout the body. Doing it regularly can minimize soreness related to vigorous exercise or stiffness. Finally, stretching enhances flexibility and the range of motion of your limbs which equates to greater performance.

Mental Advantages of Stretching

Stretching isn't just good for the body, it delivers benefits for the mind, too.  Due to the increased blood and nutrient flow we talked about above, you receive an energy boost when you stretch. Regular stretching also reduces tension from tight muscles. Even more, stretching relaxes the mind. You can find many comprehensive stretching videos that are soothing and invigorating. You can practice these moves even if you have not worked out at all.

Try to incorporate a few minutes of stretching into your everyday routine. Keep in mind that it can be dangerous to stretch cold, stiff muscles, so walk for 5 to 10 minutes before you engage in your stretching routine.


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