Does the FDA Really Regulate Food Label Claims?

Outrageous Food Claims

With health care costs steadily increasing every year, and overweight and obesity at an all-time high, you may wonder how are these food products getting on store shelves? How can a sugary cereal boast positive traits when it's simply refined grains, six types of sugar, food coloring and preservatives? The FDA does regulate food labels, but not at the level needed to rid supermarket shelves of all the food impostors that wreak havoc on our health and cause an upswing in diseases thanks to their artificial additives and excessive amounts of sugar and unhealthy oils.

Don't Read the Big Print

In order to boost revenue, food manufacturers are always testing their limits when it comes to labeling their products with catchphrases that will drive consumption. Who wouldn't choose the yogurt with the flashy "aids in weight loss" claim over the one that doesn't?

But how can companies continue to make claims that don't match up with the latest research on nutrition and wellness? Unfortunately, generic claims like a juice that "boosts the immune system" or a cereal that may "maintain a healthy heart" aren't regulated and consumers are left to use their best judgment when choosing.

The FDA only takes on a limited number of claims, including those which claim product can treat or prevent disease and foods that claim to be "healthy" when they don't fall within the guidelines of healthy foods.

U.S. Government Report on Questionable Claims

A report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office found several problems including a failure to keep up with the growing number of food manufactures and products that are released to the public. They also do not actively follow up with food manufacturers to see if the violations or questionable claims have been remedied and they waste fiscal and administrative resources even after such wasteful actions have been pointed out.

A clean diet, full of colorful vegetables and fruits and protein-rich nuts and meats is your best bet to attaining optimal health, wellness and and ideal weight. Apples from your farmers market and beef from your local butcher don't come with food labels because they come straight from nature; little to no processing, packaging and marketing needed for these century-old foods.

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