Tried and Proven Tips for Losing Weight in 2017

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If you feel you ate more than you should during the holiday season, take heart. It is never too late to create or resume a healthy eating plan. The New Year is a particularly great time to commit to eating right so you can not only lose weight but also improve your overall health and energy levels.

Following are some tried and proven tips for shedding unwanted pounds. These weight loss pointers won't help you lose weight overnight but they will help you keep the weight off once you've gotten rid of it.

  • Get rid of extra junk food and invest in healthy foods that you enjoy eating. Good meal options include lean meats, whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat three regular meals a day instead of snacking during the day and eating a large meal at night. Eating at night is particularly bad for weight loss, as your body does not have time to burn off the calories and so stores them as fat instead.
  • Keep track of your weekly exercise habits and make sure you are exercising at least three times a week. If you are not in the habit of exercising regularly, start off slow but do it regularly.
  • Look up low fat recipes that you think you may enjoy and try a few. There are in fact plenty of low calorie recipes that are both delicious and nutritious.
  • Increase your water intake. Water helps to flush out accumulated toxins. It also fills your stomach to a certain degree, helping you curb the urge to grab an unhealthy snack or eat too much at mealtime.

It is also important to not be too hard on yourself. Don't berate yourself for making mistakes and allow yourself time to learn how to shop for healthy food, prepare it and enjoy eating it.


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