What to Look for in a Weight Loss Partner

Two women weight loss partners working toward a common goalWhile there are studies aplenty to back the claim, it really is a no-brainer that weight loss efforts are more successful with a friend. Those with trusted accountability partners find sticking to their nutrition and fitness plans and losing weight easier, more enjoyable and more sustainable. But only if you choose the right partner.


A top factor in making the right choice is to connect with someone who has similar weight loss goals to yours. Since you’ve both got something lose - extra pounds - you've also both got something to gain - a svelte new figure, energy to spare and freedom from a host of potential weight-related health maladies. This will go far in keeping you both motivated.


It also helps if you and your partner have similar schedules. Meeting up at the gym, lap pool or walking trail will be tough if one of you works the day shift while the other burns the midnight oil. You'll want someone who can consistently be available for shared workouts, trips to the grocery store and healthy lunches.


One pitfall to avoid, however, is choosing a friend who won't have the gumption to call you out on that second piece of cake. This ain't time for politeness. It's time brutal honesty.


One place you'll find support is at your nearest Metabolic Research Center. We can help you develop a nutrition and exercise plan that fits your and your partner's lifestyles and goals. Call 800-501-8090 to talk with a weight loss specialist today.


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