Looking at Vegan, Macrobiotic, and Serious Vegetarian Foods

Vegan Foods

There are some serious food purists out there.  It can be tough to filter the information people who are passionate about their cause put out there.  Whether it be wheat-free, grain-free, meat-free, animal product-free, hard-core purists can make taking their food choices seriously difficult when one doesn't always agree with their food stance.  However, many of these individuals are exploring food alternatives and techniques that could make solid and practical additions to a healthy daily diet. 

Tofu is a big example of this potential.  Many people dislike tofu.  It is relatively flavorless, can have a strange texture, and really doesn't seem to add anything to the miso soup it's been served in.  Most people have only experienced it in soup at the local Chinese takeout or Japanese steakhouse, and it is so much more than just a few cubes in soup.  It can be manipulated to become a sauce delivery device that is second to none, and its power is in its texture.  It is available in many different textures, and its uses are determined by its texture and its type.  It is a staple for many vegetarians and vegans because of its protein content.  For those who eat meat and dairy, it can be used to supplement or replace egg or mayonnaise to help reduce unhealthy fats.

Macrobiotic diets teach avoidance of processed foods, which is a central idea for healthy lifestyles. 

Vegetarian and vegan chefs are driving the use of vegetables in more varied and creative fashions.  It is important among vegetarians that awareness of the variety and bounty that the plant world offers is improved so that they have enough variety and satisfaction.  For omnivores, that awareness is central to a healthy diet, as satisfaction achieved through a more vegetable heavy diet programs the nutrients and fiber in.


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