Health Benefits of Garlic

Cloves of Fresh Garlic

Garlic is one of the most pervasive seasonings in the world, if one wishes to call it that. It is present in nearly all of the major global cuisines, both east and west, and is part of many preparations for cooked and raw dishes. Its use dates to early Roman times or before, and it has been touted for its medicinal benefits from ancient times to the present.

Interestingly, medical science is slowly proving the benefits to be true, if not their direct actions. Medical studies on things that are not newly developed drugs proceed very slowly because the studies themselves are expensive to run, and there is little to no monetary benefit to those conducting the research. Although it is not possible to patent garlic use, drug companies are always doing research on various botanicals (and the like) to find that next "new drug". In this process, some research has been done on garlic, and while the research is not as specific or intensive as one would like, it does seem to indicate that the effects that have made garlic famous for thousands of years.. may be true.

Principally, garlic has some mild antibiotic actions, some anti-cholesterol action, and some anti-hypertensive action (blood pressure), and even a possible anti-cancer action. Now, for people who are taking medication for any of these things, the evidence is not strong enough for anyone to quit taking their medications, but it does mean that it can't hurt to add a little more to a daily diet. With the exception that people who are on anti-clotting medications, birth control pills and other prescribed medications should check with their doctor, garlic does have a history of drug interactions.

Garlic is potentially a wonderful food that tastes great and may have some positive medicinal properties. Look into adding more garlic for a healthier diet and contact the Metabolic Research Center to learn more about the benefits of eating real foods. Our consultants will provide a Free Consultation to discuss your specific needs for a delicious and tempting menu plan.


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