Happy Holidays! Have Fun But Avoid Overeating

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The holidays are notorious for overeating. There are so many different types of foods that are not normally prepared throughout the year. Over indulging in food is a quick way to gain weight and feel miserable. Instead of going crazy at the holiday dinner table, there are simple ways to avoid overeating and the discomfort that accompanies it.

Eat fresh foods as often as possible. Fresh foods don't have to be boring. They can be served in a variety of ways and with many different sauces. Try a new flavors and build a "rainbow" plate that is full of color. A few pieces of each color will make for a beautiful plate and pack a hefty, nutritious punch.

Use a smaller plate. Instead of continually monitoring portion size, using a smaller plate makes it look like there is more food than there actually is. It is visually appealing and avoids the "eyes being larger than your stomach" mantra. By using a smaller plate, you will automatically take less food.

Avoid processed foods. Eating foods that are made from scratch are ideal for the holidays because they carry on family traditions. Trying a piece of Grandma's Homemade Pumpkin Pie is much better than a store bought pie any day of the week.

Eat slowly and actually enjoy your food. Eating too fast overrides the stomach's natural signals that remind you when you are full. By chewing your food and taking the time to enjoy the taste and texture of your food, your stomach will have time to catch up and let you know when it is getting full.

It is important to choose your foods carefully. Avoid foods that do not mix well. This will prevent bloating and an upset stomach that can ruin the rest of the holiday evening.


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